Why Quick-Set

Welcome to Your Personal Outdoor Oasis

We love the outdoors. Well… most of it.
We love the warm evenings with friends, the crackle of the campfire, and the smell of hot, juicy brats served fresh off the grill.

What we don’t love? All those bug bites, sunburns, and inevitable washouts that come with it. I mean, who does? Which is why we’ve dedicated years of collaboration and careful engineering to designing a collection of shelters that can help us enjoy the incredible, memorable, best-night-of-the-summer moments without any of the bugs, burns, or blues.

This is the magic of Quick-Set

Where outdoor-lovers can love the outdoors in the way that’s best for them – and this extends far beyond the campsite. Nowadays, portable shelters need to perform everywhere from the soccer field and the tailgate to the distant, remote wilderness – and that’s exactly what Quick-Set’s are designed to do, all while protecting against nature’s most unforgiving elements.
Our versatile collection is loaded with accessories and custom variations, and we’re here to help tailor your shelter to your exact outdoor needs. Whether setting up for a barbecue or walling off a fish-cleaning station, Quick-Set can get it done with quick, easy, single-person setup. All it takes is yourself and a matter of minutes to stay comfortable in any outdoor setting, backed by 210-denier fabric and No-See-Um mesh for lasting durability and performance.

Made to keep the outdoors out and the good times in.

So get out there and love the outdoors your way with Quick-Set shelters

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