How do I set up and take down my shelter?

Setup and takedown instructions are included in the box with each shelter. We also have an instructional video on our website at the following link: Set-Up Instructions | Quickset Shelters

How is my Quick-set designed to be used?

The Quick-Set line of shelters and accessories are designed for short-term, occasional use. By design, the shelters are made to be set up and taken down quickly. These shelters are not to be used as a permanent or semi-permanent structure. Below are examples of proper and improper uses:

. An escape from the bugs for an evening . Leaving shelter up for weeks/months at a time
. A day at the park . Storage shelter for valuable items
∙ Sun protection at a sporting event ∙ Shelter during inclement weather


How do I secure my Quick-set shelter?

We recommend using the provided tether ropes and stakes for securing your shelter. Tie the rope to the eyebolt on the outside of the shelter and secure the stake approx. 12-18” away from the bottom of the skirt. Tethering further than the recommended placement creates a bad angle and removes tension from the shelter, potentially causing unwanted roof collapse. (NOTE: Stakes are provided for one full form of securement, and we recommend they be used with the tether ropes outside the shelter)

Is my Quick-set waterproof?

All Quick-Set screen shelters have taped seams in the roof area as well as coated fabric to increase water resistance, but they are not waterproof. For any tent, it is encouraged to use a seam sealer like Gear Aid Seam Grip for the outside seams or Kiwi Camp Dry for complete coverage of the roof area. We also offer an accessory rain fly for the Escape and Pavilion model shelters for additional rain protection.

What is the difference between the brown, green and other color shelters?

There are a few subtle differences in the brown and green Quick-Set shelters. Brown shelters (including the red and blue Escape Sport shelters) feature a rain flap eve that, when the accessory wind panels are attached, will help divert precipitation to the outside. Additionally, the tan roof allows more ambient light to come through. NOTE: If you are planning on adding wind panel accessories the brown has windows that can be opened, where the green does not.

For certain models, we manufacture exclusive-colored shelters for some retailers. These units are made of the same quality materials as our regular color offerings and are only offered through that retailer.

What is the warranty on my Quick-set and what does it cover?

Our Quick-Set shelters have a one-year warranty from the original date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover screen or tent tears, ripped internal grommet tabs or broken poles due to high wind, weather conditions or unattended use. Damage incurred due to prolonged or extended use for weeks or months at a time is not covered under warranty.

Can I keep my Quick-set up for extended periods of time?

Quick-Set screen shelters were designed for occasional use such as a family picnic, sporting events and other outdoor activities where bugs, rain, or sun is an issue. We do not recommend these shelters be used as permanent or semi-permanent structures. UV damage is not a manufacturing defect and isn’t covered under warranty. Additionally, it’s recommended to set up our shelters in the shade when possible and to not leave up longer than necessary to prevent fading or degradation of materials.

How can I protect against UV (Sun) damage?

We recommend using an additional UV protectant such as Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof in the event your shelter is being used for several days or is exposed to strong UV rays, such as in the southern U.S. We also offer an accessory rain fly for some models which can help provide UV protection.

I've tangled/twisted my screen tent and it's inside out, how can I fix this?

Our screen tents do not come new tangled, twisted or inside out. When setting up your screen tent be sure to first find the top roof panel and spread the material out so it lays flat on the ground. The roof is solid tent material with the Clam logo on all models (excluding Escape Sky). Then, walk around the shelter and pop out each side. Finish setup by popping the roof last.

If you happen to tangle your shelter and would like instructions on how to revert it back to the correct orientation, please view the linked video or email our customer service department for more detailed instructions:

Do you sell screen tent patch kits?

Yes, patch kits can be purchased direct on our website. Each patch will consist of four 8” x 8” bulk pieces of patch material. We recommend using 3M ‘Super 77’ spray adhesive (not included) for securing the patch. Screen material patch kits are also available, although adhesive screen repair tape, which can be found through online retailers, often provides the quickest and cleanest fix.

Can I purchase replacement poles for my screen tent?

Yes, we sell hub and pole kits which include a center hub and removeable fiberglass replacement poles. Side wall and roof kits, along with the vertical door support poles, are available for purchase on our website.

How do I wash my screen tent?

We recommend using a gentle laundry soap that has been diluted with warm water and a washcloth to spot clean any dirty areas. If needed, you can use a vinegar and water solution (10 parts water to 1 part vinegar) to get rid of any mildew smell.

When will my order ship?

In most instances orders placed should be processed and shipped within 3 business days of receiving the order. While these times are consistent, please note that exceptions will occur for various reasons, and we will do our best to note situational or seasonal exceptions in the shipping section of our web store.

Maintenance and safety tips
  • Take down the shelter when it’s not attended. Damage due to extended or unattended use is not covered under warranty.
  • Do not leave shelter up for weeks or months at a time. Doing so will expose the shelter to UV rays and can cause shelter fabric to fade and degrade quicker. UV degradation is not covered under warranty.
  • Do not use our line of shelters as a permanent, semi-permanent or storage shelter.
  • Make sure your shelter is completely dry before storing for a long period of time.
  • Staking our shelters down externally from the metal I-bolt in the center of each wall is the recommended tie down location. Not only is the shelter secured down, but each wall assembly is also held out. Stakes and tie down ropes will be included with each shelter.